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  1. Murray
    Murray RAT ROD AL
    Thanks for reply. The two headliner trim pieces I am inquiring about are located on either side, not front or back. It is painted interior color and connects the front 'A' pillar trim to the metal rear window trim. It is a metal, 'L" shaped piece held in place by clips on backside and a single screw near it's connection with the "A" pillar moulding. That sure sounds "wordy" but hope this helps.Thanks,Murray.
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    What's a matta fo you?
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    Hey Man my name is Andrew, I'm down in Tucson. Do you prefer the hemi or magnum swap? My big project is my 62 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon. I would like to do an epic coast to coast road trip in it in a couple summers and I'm really concerned about reliability and fuel mileage which leads me to some sort of injected motor swap.
    Thanks man.
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  10. Corey Duster
    Corey Duster HemiSSDart
    I am new to the site and was also looking to buy a transmission crossmember for a v8 1970 duster 727. How would i reach you?
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  12. jasonlas
    New profile pic. Two new skool hemis in at the same time. Happy days!
  13. joesnow
    joesnow 340man
    How much $$ would you need for the shock plates shipped to 18969 pa?
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    Are you still making the adapters? i'd like to get one or two.
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    We currently don't have any in stock.
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    YouTube " stairway to 7-11 " by poster littleaubs28. Karl's life story , now yours as armament for future use . ENJOY!
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