Recent Garage Items

  1. Three Mopars from Canada

    1969 Barracuda 383-S, 1969 Charger SE, 1964 Canadian Valiant
  2. 1966 Plymouth Valiant 200 Station (special order car)

    Very rare factory 4-speed Valiant Station with Rallye package
  3. Teen on A budget

    Just a small budget project car, with an even smaller space to work on it. All success I owe to the many people who helped me.
  4. Jimmy's 1966 Dodge Dart GT - Mechanical Challenges and Repairs

    The various mechanical challenges and attempted repairs on my original Dart.
  5. Jimmy's 1966 Dodge Dart GT - First Look 12-30-16

    Here are some of the initial photos I took while inspecting the Dart at the 2nd owners home.
  6. The Never-Ending Story

    Still have my very 1st car from 1987. Still not at 100% either. Can somebody Chip Foose me already?
  7. 65 Barracuda - Pumpkin build

    Build/upgrade pics. Starting with re-wire, fuel cell, etc. Next will be some attention to interior and of course motor/accessories.
  8. MonkeyMadness Perfromance Garage MMP!

    Just a few pic's of what I got so far... Pissst It's a work in progress~!
  9. Fish Tank Garage

    A56 Optioned, with original drive train from motor to rear. Used, Abused, stolen, recovered, horse traded, soon to be a Day 2 restoration.
  10. 72 Demon Project

    72 Demon 5 year project and starting to see some light. Trunk floor, quarters were replaced. Stripped body and repaired all rust. Stripped engine bay and started fitting things. Will drop motor in and break in before final paint. The color is Viper Snakeskin green. 360 with A727 and 8-3/4 rear with 3.55 out of B body. Had to move perches in 1/2" on each side to line up with leaf springs. Bled brake lines and dash is back together. Motor is finished and getting close to dropping it in.
  11. My "Pretty Baby" is completed

    not only is she pretty but kind-of mean in a nice way... and talks loud!!!
  12. toms 65 barracuda

    well this years new project is my 1965 Plymouth barracuda right now it has a stock 273 4 bbl just added a new edelbrock performer 500 carb factory 4 speed car with a posi track rear end and dual exhaust black interior ruby red exterior car has 92.000 original miles car drives great and handles well but manual brakes and steering with no a/c
  13. 1970 Dodge Dart GT

    1969 was not the last year for the GT. In 1970, Dart Customs with the "A65" code could be had with a GT trim package. The build date for my car was Friday August 15th, 1969. What else was going on that same day? Well, you might recall a little thing called Woodstock. Anyway, only 903 Dart GT's were produced for the '70 model year and even fewer still in FK5 Burnt Orange Metallic. Love that color! This car was sitting in a barn in Vale, Oregon for 20 years with only 86K original miles on...
  14. 1971 Dodge Dart

    Old school home build in my garage.
  15. 408 Dart

    Great light weight Dart
  16. Not a Nova

    69 Valiant
  17. 64 CUDAVRT

    1964 Valiant convert, progress
  18. My 1969 Dodge Dart Custom

    Here are photos of my car from the time I bought it throughout the years to now.
  19. 1968 Dodge Dart

    68 D:cheers:art coming together
  20. 74' Duster

    Enjoying working on my mopar. When I'm able that is!