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  • Dad’s 1970 Duster purchased new late ‘69. Estimated about a million miles on this daily driven A-body. It is on its second slant six, with a later model lockup 904, 8 3/4 sure-grip, manual drums and power steering. Car was rear ended twice buckled both quarters and rear rails. While I’m replacing sheet metal plan on doing a mini tub and relocate the springs. Plans also include a 727 with transbrake and a 408 stroker for the LA360 motor I have here. For now, a 5.9 magnum swap with stock internals and a 904 trans.

    Second Duster is a /6 ‘70 I picked up with no motor or trans, a v8 k frame and manual steering box and floor shift column that’s going in Dad’s car, then all the /6 and PS and automatic column stuff is going in the factory Hemi Orange car.
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    1970 Plymouth Duster
    Street Radials
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    Tucson Dragway
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  1. stixx
    Sounds like "The Immortal Duster"
  2. Lumpyidle
    This Saturday I dropped the motor and tranny in the car, reassembled the steering column, (FYI, the dorman turn signal service part works great, for how long remains to be seen, it’s just plastic), rebuilt the coupler, and removed and reinstalled the steering column a couple times trying to get everything to work correctly. Sunday I fought with the $150 Summit headers, label in the box said “Flowtech”. After removing the steering box and column again, denting my new Wix oil filter removing it, and raising and rocking the motor, removing the draglink, they are installed! What a pain that was. The drag link actually goes through the headers! I took photos and will document later on how those headers got into the Duster. Tonight (Monday) I installed a B&M pro-shifter. It’s a “Gated” shifter, not to be confused with a ratchet shifter. Fairly easy install, just make sure to follow the directions exactly and it’ll hook right up. It came with a bracket and leaver that goes on the transmission, so I did that before I even put the transmission in the car, glad I did, it’s tight under there! Tomorrow is probably throttle and kick down cables, distributor and carburetor. Trying to get all the under car stuff done. I’m tired of creeping under the car, 47 Year’s of grease and road gunk, I wind up with a thick coat of black sludge up past my elbows after working under there. The drive shaft is in too, which is partially why I went with a 904 like what came out. Exhaust and fuel pump is all that’s left on the bottom side. That’s going to be this weekend’s project. Until next time...
  3. tkowalchuk
    Looks good, keep working on it!
    1. Lumpyidle
      Thanks! I have been!
      Lumpyidle, Dec 12, 2017
  4. Lumpyidle
    I was having so much fun I skipped church Sunday and pulled the old motor out. Well now it's Tuesday, so I pulled the 904 out from under the car tonight, that was the only thing I had planned on getting this evening, but I enjoy being in the shop so much I just couldn't stop working on the car! It's been several years since I've had a place to work. I'm converting the green car AKA the "Junker" to a floor shift and manual steering (for header clearance mainly). The orange car is a factory floor shift 3 speed manual. I stayed up late enough to get the manual steering box out of the orange car to get it ready to swap it with the power box in the Junker. I don't know any history on the orange car so I also disassembled the floor shift column that came with it to clean it up, inspect and reassemble before installing it in the Junker. The turn signal cam is busted, going to try the Dorman service piece from the auto parts store. The bearing was also ceased, but some solvent and some PB blaster freed it right up. I'll be shopping for a new bearing when I officially rebuild the column. I'm not going to bother restoring it now because I'm going to have to pull it all apart again anyway when I start on body and paint next year. This coming Saturday I plan on cleaning 47 years of grease and grime from the engine bay before I drop in the V8. A solution of dish soap, powdered laundry detergent and hot water and a couple red scotch bright pads and give it a good scrubbing. After the bath, in goes the manual steering box, column, and then motor and transmission etc..
  5. Lumpyidle
    Started tearing into the car today. Removed the single exhaust and driveshaft so far. Checked on the rear end, I knew dad had put in an 8 3/4 rear end year’s ago so he could get the limited slip dif. Other than that I didn’t know much about it until now. Good news is that it’s a “489” case. Bad news is that it’s 2.76 gears. Dad was going for fuel mileage, not performance. He wanted posi so he wouldn’t get stuck on dirt trails when he went gold panning. I assumed that I had the larger bolt pattern wheels, but apparently not. Now I have to rethink my wheel choice as the set I wanted are not available with 4” pattern.