72 Demon Project

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  • 72 Demon 5 year project and starting to see some light. Trunk floor, quarters were replaced. Stripped body and repaired all rust. Stripped engine bay and started fitting things. Will drop motor in and break in before final paint. The color is Viper Snakeskin green. 360 with A727 and 8-3/4 rear with 3.55 out of B body. Had to move perches in 1/2" on each side to line up with leaf springs. Bled brake lines and dash is back together. Motor in as well as radiator and fan shroud. Was stalled with the passing of my father, hope to get moving along as he would say to get going on it.. IMG_0762.jpg
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    Rebuilt 360

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  1. halifaxhops
    I really like that color! Nice work.
  2. Dragonsteel
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Great Job, keep posting photos of your progress.
  3. norton
    Looking good. Must have taken a lot of patience to detail the heater control panel.
    1. dcl68
      Not too bad, used matte black paint and a silver paint pen. Just be steady handed.
      dcl68, Dec 18, 2016
  4. j-miller
    Looking very nice!!!
  5. WrenchOnIt.com
    Looks like a lot of good work went into this project. Nicely done sir.
  6. MOPAR4Me
    Great job, love that green.
  7. cuda27365
    Very nice