Jimmy's 1966 Dodge Dart GT - Mechanical Challenges and Repairs

  • Here I will post the mechanical repairs I need guidance on. Any advice or suggestions on my attempts are greatly appreciated.

    I am starting on this car with a few challenges...
    - Completely green to American classic cars.
    - Novice understanding of air cooled VW engines, which doesn't help much
    - Shared garage space with just enough room to fit the Dart.
    - Limited tools.
    - Work too much

    I am determined to learn everything about this car. There are bound to be a lot of resources here in the Los Angeles area. If anyone has any suggestions on a quality repair shop in the South Bay, please PM me. My goal is to keep the car as original as possible but add practical improvements to make it a safe and reliable daily driver.

  • Engine:
    original 225

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