Articles from 72bluNblu

  1. How To: Fold down seat conversion

    Ok, so here it is. I've seen it asked a bunch, I've heard of a few folks that have done it, but here it is. How to convert a standard Duster over to a fold down seat. Most of these pictures are mine, some of them are not. I should have taken more pictures of my conversion parts before I started.

    So, here's what I started with. Your basic standard non-folding seat Duster with cross bracing.

    To do this, you probably need a parts car. It's the only way to do it and get it to look original,...
  2. How To Replace your Lower Column Bearing: Better and Cheaper!!!

    Ok, so this is for a floor shift column. It can be a formerly column shifted car, but the outer shifting tube has to be removed for this to work.

    Mopar originally equipped these cars with a lame plastic lower "bushing" for the steering shaft. It doesn't really control the shaft all that well, and it costs like $80 to replace. You know, this dumb thing..
    Enter the ER16 flange bearing. It has a 1" inner diameter, and an outer diameter of 52mm. Turns out the column jacket has in inner...
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