Articles from AdamR

  1. Trunk Mount Battery Kill Switch Diagram

    Here's a few good diagrams to help you move your battery to the trunk with a power kill switch.
  2. Mopar Option Codes

    Code Years Description

    A01 69-71 Light Package
    A02 69-71 Driver Aid Group
    A03 69-70 Town & Country Group
    A03 71 Only Deluxe Light Package
    A04 69-71 Basic (Radio) Group
    A05 69-71 Protection Group
    A06 69 Only Sport Group
    A06 69 Only Air Conditioning Group
    A07 69-70 Turnpike Package
    A08 69 Only Wagon Easy Entry Convenience Group
    A09 71 Only Concealed Headlamp Package
    A11 69 only Special Model XX29 Charger Daytona
    A11 69 only Special Model XX29 Charger 500
    A12 69 only 440 Six Pack Engine...
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