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  1. In Place Parking Brake Handle Replacement

    Tools / materials needed:
    · Faucet Puller Husky Compression Sleeve and Faucet Puller-63876 - The Home Depot

    · Roll pin Punch Set Roll Pin Punch Set (9-Piece)-61135 - The Home Depot

    · 3"x3"x3" block of wood, preferable hard wood like Oak, but Fur or Pine 2x4 will work
    1. Cut a block of wood to approximately 3 inches square

    2. Drill a 7/8 inch diameter hole (or the diameter of your brake handle) all the way through the center from one side, the grain should be perpendicular to the...
  2. How to Install 67 Dart Headlight Adjusters

    How to install reproduction headlight adjusters into a front fender
    Compare Reproductions to OE (Other than color they look good, bought from Classic Ind.)
    Remove screw
    Slide metal part up off of plastic part (This allows for the plastic part to compress as it goes into the slot in the fender).
    Insert plastic and metal part into opening in fender.
    Use socket to press the metal part down, use your hand to keep back pressure so not to bend the support.
    On a side note the small screw holes next...
  3. How to Ship an 8 3/4 Housing

    NOTE: Many of the photos differ from the the description, as I was using materials I had on hand.

    Purchase 2 12x12x40 lamp boxes from U-Haul
    Assemble one box leaving the top open
    Use fiber reinforced tape on all edges and along and across the bottom
    Cut two plywood squares to fit into the 12x12 box
    (this is to keep the axle studs from piercing through the box)
    Put one square in the bottom on the box
    (You could cut a piece of foam and place it in the bottom below the plywood)
    Place the...
  4. How to Remove Horn Medallions

    67 Dart

    Grab center medallion cap and twist counter clockwise while holding the horn ring and steering wheel from turning.
    On 69 Dart with padded horn ring

    Place a small screwdriver between medallion and horn ring on driver's side of medallion (9:00 position) and pry up.
    Go easy and you might want to place some protection between the padded horn ring and the screwdriver.
    There is a slot on the passenger side (3:00 position) of the horn ring

    and a tab on the medallion

    to index it on...
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