Articles from "Dart67"

  1. OEM Fuel Sender Repair 1967 Dart

    OEM Fuel Sender Repair 1967 Dart

    by Herb Beer “Dart67”

    This is a step by step of how I repaired the Original Equipment Manufacture fuel sender on my 1967 Dodge Dart.

    Here is a photo of what I started with. This sender came out of a car that had set in a salvage yard for well over 20 years.
    As you can see. It is in pretty rough shape.

    The first problem was that the float arm was frozen and would not pivot. To resolve this, I sprayed and soaked both sides of the pivot point with a good...
  2. How To Rebuild a Vacuum Heater Control Switch

  3. Heater Box Motor Modification for Valve Cover Clearance

    The heater motor is actually a Stock Motor that I have recessed into a modified heater box housing.

    Here are the steps to do the heater box modification.

    1 - Remove heater box from the car.

    2 - Place heater box face down on a towel or soft surface with the motor facing up.

    3 - Find a drill bit JUST SLIGHTLY larger then the small rivets that hold the sheet metal back to the fiberglass housing. (1/8" I think)

    4 - Carefully drill out all of the rivets, dispose of them and remove the sheet...
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