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  1. Trick to Install Hood to Fender Rubber Bumper Stops

    Im sure some of you guys know this trick, but I just figured it out today.

    Pretty easy to not scratch new paint with this method.

    Thread small wire through retaining portion of rubber bumper. Then thread through fender slot. Pull from the inner fender side. Viola.
  2. Factory Valve Covers: Restoration of Engine Harness Wire Tabs

    Thought I’d do a little thread on how to fix the dreaded factory valve cover wire tabs that frequently break on our 50+ year old Mopars. If you are lucky you can find originals with the tabs intact but most of the ones I’ve seen are either broken or on their last legs before snapping off.

    What I have here is a factory set of 1969 340 valve covers that I recently obtained. During clean up and minor dent repairs one of the tabs broke. Closer inspection revealed most were cracked. Did some...
  3. Getting Rid of the Hood Torsion Springs on the Early A-Body

    I thought I would re-post this in a separate thread for future reference since there is some interest in getting rid of the torsion springs.

    I welded a grade 8 bolt to the back of the channel bracket. I'm sure you can use something else but I went this route because I can still remove the retaining nut without having to take off the fender in the future. A shoulder bolt will work better which I bought today. shoulder bolt

    Excuse the weld again. Still need more practice at this.

    I ended up...
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