Articles from Dusterdude72

  1. How To For Those Looking for Tips on Carpet Install

    Well.... Before I started installing my carpet , I had looked around and there really isnt any carpet install guides here on fabo for our cars. I also had another member show interest in tips on installing carpet in our cars.

    SO, I figured I would document my install a bit and share some of the techniques I used and share with you all the process I went through.

    so here goes.

    about a year ago I stripped the floors down in my 72 duster with a wire wheel,grinder and sand paper until it was...
  2. Automatic to Manual Steering Column Conversion "HOW TO"

    I am going to do a quick write up for you guys on this conversion I just did to my Duster.

    Its great for those of you who are installing a 4 speed or converting to an automatic floor shift car and you do not want the gear indicator and shift arm hanging off of your column any more.

    And where you would potentially be spending big bucks buying a manual column or an aftermarket column....that is not the case with this conversion mod you can basically do it for $25ish and basic tools and a few...
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