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  1. easy tool for removing roof rail mouldings

    Easy tool to make from a churchkey, heat shrink and a popsical stick. Bend the can opener and grind the tip off of the can side. Open the tab on the bottle side a bit. Then put a bit of heat shrink or tape over the tab. I use hot glue to put the section of the popsicle stick on. (you will break it at some point makes for easy replacement). Bend as needed and go for it!
  2. A great chart for radio id.

    Identifying Car Radios

    2580 766 MoPar 1968 Imperial Search tune AM PB radio
    2580 786 418 Mark 1 MoPar 1968 Imperial T&C AM PB radio
    2580 786 MoPar 1968 Imperial Search tune AM PB radio
    2649 963 CE59014 MoPar 1969 Plymouth Valiant AM PB radio
    2820 632 240 MoPar 1968 Plymouth AM PB radio
    2820 275 MoPar 1968 Chrysler Search tune AM-FM PB radio
    2820 635 376 MoPar 1968 Chrysler AM PB radio(?)
    2820 885 MoPar 1968 Chrysler AM-FM stereo PB radio
  3. How to hook up most test equipment

    Found this chart of how to hook up test meter. It seems most people are scared of them easy peasy hope it helps. Has most of the common hookups rpm, dwell, amps, volts and ohms. This is from Sun Corporation in the 70's. Great for use on points cars and electronic also. The tach hook up is also the same as dwell if it does not have a inductive pick up.
  4. Everything you wanted to know about ignition advance

    Great article. Not mine.
    The centrifugal advance system in a distributor advances spark timing purely as a function of engine rpm (irrespective of engine load or operating conditions), with the amount of advance and the rate at which it comes in determined by the weights and springs on top of the autocam mechanism. The amount of advance added by the distributor, combined with initial static timing, is "total timing" (i.e., the 34-36 degrees at high rpm that most SBC's like). Vacuum advance...
  5. Easy electronic distributor check.

    See that a lot of people are confused on electronic distributors, pretty easy check to see if the distributor is working properly. Pull the distributor out leave the pickup wires hooked up and spin the shaft, the coil should fire. Pretty easy check of the whole system. If not firing pull the two prong plug, take the cap off and put the distributor somewhere you can spin the shaft and have a multi meter hooked up to the pickup coil plug. Set the meter on the lowest AC scale and you should...
  6. Determining 12 Volt Wire Size

    Just saw this chart and figured it would be a great guide to share here. I have seen numerous posts about determining what wire size to use lately. You have to remember also to fuse the circuit according to the load.
  7. How to Identify the difference between distributor caps

    I get asked all the time how come my distributor cap will not fit. There are two types one for the common aluminum case distributor that fit both point and electronic units then there is the dualpoint cap that fits only the cast iron distributor housings. The aluminum has a internal slot that the tab on the vacuum advance fits into and the dual point (prestolight) distributor has a tab on the cap that fits into a slot on the hold down clip. Here are some pictures of the difference....
  8. How To Check a Condenser on a Points Ignition

    I get asked this all the time. I have a condenser tester but I do it daily. This will work for you. This is for an analog meter but a digital works--you will see the voltage spike.

    Hope this helps

    1.) Remove the condenser from the engine (or at least disconnect the lead wire). Note the small metal connector located on the end of the condenser. This connector is the "hot" or power connection. The metal case of the condenser is the grounding point. Discharge the condenser by shorting the...
  9. Distributor starting point for a curve

    Great distributor mechanical curve sheet. All makes
  10. 1964 - 1974 Factory Engine Paint Chart

    1964 - 1974 Factory Engine Paint Chart
  11. How to Properly Oil Advance Cam in a Distributor

    As a lot of you know I have been rebuilding a lot of distributors lately and by far the largest issue with them is this.

    to prevent this is really simple most of us old guys know about this, once a year just put a few drops of light oil, or engine oil on the felt pad under the rotor, it lubricates the advance cam and also drives the old oil/dirt slowly out. If it is the first time just lift the pad and see if it is all rusted up, if so unfortunately you have to take it apart and clean it....
  12. Another blower motor mod for BB.

    I found a smaller motor that is a bolt in replacement for the stock motor. AH451 New Universal Products 12V
    Easy one to do the pics explain it all.
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