Articles from Joeychgo

  1. How to Paint the Wheels on your Car

    Learn how to paint your wheels on your car properly so it looks amazing and lasts a long time!

    This video goes though the 5 main steps to paint your rims any color you want.
    Primer: Rust Oleum 280715 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, White Primer, 12-Ounce: Home Improvement
    Black Paint: Rust-Oleum Automotive 251574 11-Ounce Trim and Bumper Spray, Matte Black - Spray Paints -
    Angle Grinder: Drill Master 4 1/2" Angle Grinder - Power Angle Grinders -...
  2. How to Solder Wires Together (Video)

    Learn How to Solder Correctly. In this video I show you the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to properly solder, from what type of solder and flux you should use to how to splice the wires together for a strong soldered joint. I show you how to strip the wires, add heat shrink, splice the wires, solder, and melt the heat shrink to make a perfect soldered connection!
    Products Used:
    Rosin Flux:
    Soldering Gun:
  3. How to Super Clean Your Windshield glass

    (Outside) Learn how to get your windshield super clean! The windows of your car or truck are what you look out of and it is important that they are clean. When you clean the windshield with my method the rain beads up and rolls off the windshield leaving great visibility. Bugs and bird poop come off really easy with one wipe of a towel. Even ice wont stick to the glass so no more scraping ice on those cold days!
    (Inside) Learn to Clean the Inside of Your Windshield. I show you the 3 step...
  4. How to get Brighter Headlights

    It takes more than a powerful alternator, and more than changing to powerful replacement headlights, to get brighter headlights on these older cars and trucks.
    The above photo was taken with High Beams ON, and the engine was running at highway cruise RPM. 14.1 volts measured at the Horn Relay was perfect. (It’s the main power distribution buss-bar in this electrical system.) But the headlights were only running at 11.5 volts!

    The voltage drop to...
  5. How to Build Modern Traction Bars

    Traction devices have been around for years. Perhaps the best known are the classic "traction bars" that bolt to the bottom of the springs and / or axle. As the axle tries to rotate under acceleration, these bars contact the underside of the spring and help stop the pinion gear from trying to climb the ring gear and in the process provide a modest increase in traction. See figure 1. Although these devices aren't 100% effective they do work pretty well.
    Figure 1

    On a street rod or vehicle...
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