Articles from Johnny Mac

  1. Johnny BluePrint: How to Swap/Drop in Your New Aftermarket Distributor! And Verifying Rotor Position

    So you've made the decision to upgrade your factory ignition, and you're holding a shiny new distributor from BluePrint Engines in your hands :) ! you're now ready to tackle the install!

    This may seem a bit novice, but due to the immense of tech calls i have been getting on this exact topic, lets take it back to basics!

    BEFORE YOU START! Lets discuss a few things to make this easier

    Where and what are top dead center? (TDC)
    Top dead center is the spot in the engine cycle where the...
  2. Johnny @ BluePrint: How To: Mounting an Alternator with an Electric Water Pump SBM

    How-to: Mounting an Alternator with an electric water pump SBM
    Hello All,

    I had a thread on this a while back, and having found a solution that works for us on our 7,000+ RPM smallblock 408, I wanted to pass along a “How-To". That would help those of you out that wish to run an electric water pump, but don’t necessarily want to abandon your stock style Chrysler alternator.

    Parts Lists.

    Chrysler Square back alternator.

    Ours is a tuff stuff, 100 amp, powdercoated version....
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