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  1. How to set up a Holley 4 bbl for a Mopar

    Ok there have been a few posts asking about this lately. If you don't use the proper bracket for the Mopar, and just the universal one that comes on the carb, you may not be able to get the secondaries fully open...

    First you need to get the holley throttle bracket for the Mopars, Holley part # 20-7.

    Holley 20-7 Carburetor Throttle Lever Extension - Holley Performance Products

    Here are some links to it at Summit Racing and Mancini Racing:

    Holley Throttle Lever Extensions 20-7...
  2. How to Install a High Press Spring in a Small Block Oil Pump

    Hello folks! Krazykuda here to show you how to install the MP high pressure spring in the small block oil pump. This will work for all oil pumps for the 273-318-340-360 LA engine.

    Some people like to run higher oil pressure, and some don't. This is for those who choose to run a little more oil pressure than "standard" stock pumps put out. For those of you who don't buy into increased oil pressure, please move on and not leave any negative comments.

    Use this information at your own risk....
  3. Hose and Hose Clamp Basics

    Here's a quick thread for the newbies on hose clamps and how to properly install them.
    There are two basic types of clamps, constant diameter (screw type) and constant tension (spring type).

    Constant diameter clamps are the screw type that you adjust to the proper diameter with a screw driver/nut driver. Below is a picture of the constant diameter/screw clamps:
    The second type is the constant tension or spring clamps. These are made for a certain size of hose and apply pressure to...
  4. How to do a Basic Wire Splice

    Hi everyone! I'm here to show you how I splice electrical wires. One of my old bosses was an electrical engineer and he gave me some advice on how to properly splice electrical wires.

    I've seen many attempts at splicing wires with my cars over the years, and I've seen some real hack jobs. I will walk you through how to splice two wires together for long term service and dependability. This will include soldering, as it is more permanent and will give you many miles of trouble free...
  5. How to Assemble the Front of a Small Block

    Hi guys and gals. I have someone asking me how the front end of an engine goes together. Since I don't know how to attach images for a PM, I'm going to use this post to show him what he needs to know and any of you newbies can also learn from this.

    First I'm going to assume that you have the front of the engine torn down.
    Now The first thing that I look for are the two oil galley plugs that go into the holes behind the camshaft thrust plate. Some people have argued that you don't need...
  6. How to ID a Small Block Engine Block:

    Many people ask how do I find out what a small block engine is? You can find out alot about it if you know where to look....
    The first question is: "How do I know what size it is?" That can be easily found out by looking at the driver's side of the block (the one without the oil filter). The casting number is found on the driver's side (left side) of the block as shown here:
    Here is a close up of the casting number. You can see that the engine size is cast into the block at the end of...
  7. How to Check Compression

    Hello folks! The subject has come up on how to check compression. This is a thread to show you how I check MY engines for compression when I build them. I find it easy and simple to do this way, so I thought that I would share it with all. :D

    I do ask, since I am writing this on Labor Day 5/26/14 and it will take more than one post to complete, that you not post any questions or comments in this thread until I finish posting and say "That's all Folks". This is to keep the thread...
  8. How to ID a Small Block Oil Pan 60's - 80's

    Some people have been asking how to identify a small block oil pan. Here is how to tell the differences in the pans from 273-318-340-360.
    Basically the 273-318-340 are interchangeable and there were two basic "series" of them.

    Also the oil pans for the trucks are different than the oil pans for the cars because the "hump" in the pan is in different locations. For the truck pans the "hump" is on the end, and for cars it is more toward the center. You cannot use a truck pan on a car as the...
  9. How I Made My Engine Dolly

    I'm so sick of buying those moving dollies and them breaking when I put an engine on them, even the ones rated for 1000 lb. Hell, I could build a better one myself at home that won't break so easy, or even at all.
    So that's what I did.

    I had an old metal one with wheels that held the engine on the oil pan on the pan rails and you could move the engines around. I tried to call the company from the sticker on it, but the phone number is now used for a phone sex line (wtf?).

    So I used that...
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