Articles from moparmat2000

  1. Separating spot-welded body and frame parts

    Some of you know how to do this, some of you don't, i am going to show you the easy way to do this, especially if you need or want to save both pieces that are welded together.

    Typically if you have one piece you need to save and the other you are discarding because of rust, you drill and separate from the side you are discarding, or grind down the spot weld with a grinder on the side you are discarding, and use a chisel to separate the pieces discarding the bad metal.

    In my case i am...
  2. Repairing a Cracked Spade on an Ignition Switch

    Hi y'all,

    I have a 69 ignition switch with key I bought that was used but out of a low mileage Mopar that was rotted out. That part is a different story, however the switch when I got it, I found that it had a crack in one of the spade lugs that will need to be repaired before use. Instead of getting a sinking feeling coupled with an oh damn, I formulated a plan to repair it. This repair can be used on wiper switches, headlamp switches, or any other factory switch that's tabbed and riveted...
  3. How To Fix a Broken Stud on a 69 Reflector Bezel

    Do you have a set of 69 cast reflector bezels, and upon removal snap a cast in stud. That sinking feeling that goes along with what just happened followed by an oh shit this is going to cost me !!!

    Follow along. I have a fix for you. Its not OEM, but it will do the job, and let you still use the funny looking bulbed nuts.

    See below the reflector bezel i have. First thing i did was grind the stud flat, and drill a centered pilot hole.

    Then i enlarged the hole, and ran a self tapping...
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