Articles from pishta

  1. Tool/Head Demagnetizer

    This is an A/C electromagnet that strips induced magnetism from ferrous materials. Useful in demagnetizing screwdrivers, wrenches, feeler gauges, allen wrenches and any other small tool that doesn't need to be magnetized. In order for a tool to become magnetized, the tool can be stroked in one direction against a magnet. This, in simple terms, aligns the random polarities of the electrons all in the same direction. I have a large speaker magnet stuck to the side of my tool box and I wipe...
  2. Cleaning Wheels with Acid

    So you bought some old crusty steel wheels and want a quick way to remove all that nasty rust?

    Get yourself 2 gallons of good 'ol cheap pool acid from the local big box store. I think it was 7 bucks at my Home Depot. Pour both into a plastic garbage can or other receptacle that is big enough to lay a rim in on its face. A 30 gallon trash can was perfect for a 14 inch rim, probably a 15 too.

    NEXT STEP IS DANGEROUS-- better way is to measure amount of water it takes to cover rim and use that...
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