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  1. How To Save $150

    This is for people with more sense than money. Most of us know, when you upgrade leaf springs, you change the front hanger bolt diameter to 5/8". Simple enough to remove the original hangers and enlarge the bolt holes. What about the rear hangers and shackles? Most guys I see on here "upgrade" to the B body hangers and shackles. That's about another $150 outlay. Screw that. The stock A body shackle bushings are 7/8" OD and 1/2" ID. Here's how I've been doing it for a long time.

    The stock...
  2. How To Measure For And Correct Valve Spring Height

    This is how I measure for and correct valve spring height. Very simple process. all you need is a 35 dollar tool. It's called a valve spring micrometer. This is essential for correctly setting up valve spring heights and making sure you have the correct installed height for the correct seat and open pressures. Failure to do this can have catastrophic results. As always, this is how I do it. Thanks for following along.
  3. Bottom End Assembly And Tips

    On this one, I just give some general assembly tips and suggestions regarding bearing clearance and whatnot. It's not really a How To, per say, but you get the idea. Pay attention to where I talk about how I assemble the rear main seal retainer. This is how I've always done it. It leaves little room for leaks in that area. As always, this is my method. Feel free to use it or don't. lol
  4. How To Lap Valves

    This is the time honored method by which I lap valves. This is called a "basic" valve job and is primarily used for refreshing the valve faces and seats. Also, it was stressed to me by the old gentleman who taught me how when I was a kid, the importance of being able to see the actual area where the valve seats. I think it's so important, I even disassemble new heads and lap the valves. Yes, while it's true, the modern Serdi machine is the way to go, nevertheless, I will come behind that...
  5. How To Make Floorpan Strengthening Ribs

    Our lovely @Princess Valiant asked me to post how I make floorpan strengthening ribs in flat sheet metal. Being one not to disppoint, here's how I do it. Now granted, this is quick and dirty just to show the process, but it works well. As I said, this is how I do it. If you don't like it, don't do it. LOL
  6. How To Clean Ring Lands & Re-ring Pistons

    Here is my procedure on how I clean pistons, ring lands and re-ring pistons. This is how I do it. It's worked "for me" better than forty years. I don't use a ring land cleaning tool. I never have. A lot of you don't either, as I am sure you're well off enough to buy new pistons. I've never been fortunate enough to do that with every build, so I "use what I have". This is how I do it.
  7. How To Replace Connecting Rod Bolts

    This is how I replace connecting rod bolts. I actually went against a cardinal rule of mine here, as I always have the rods resized when I replace the rod bolts. Lots of people do not. Since this is a bare bone budget build and the rods were in great shape, I passed on resizing. Everything measured out fine anyway. I barely tapped hard enough to knock the rod bolts out, so no harm was done to the big end. Again, this is my procedure. I don't profess this to be "by the book" and if that's...
  8. How To Hone Cylinders

    This is my method for honing cylinders with a ball hone, otherwise known as a dingleberry hone. This procedure is only recommended for cylinders with minimal wear, as it removes only a very, very small amount of material. Just enough to break the glaze cause by the polish of the rings going up and down in the cylinders and produce a new finish to break in with a new set of rings. Again, this is how "I" do it. I don't profess that this is the perfect way, so if that's what you're after, stop...
  9. How To Change A Tire

    Here are a couple of videos showing the method I use to remove and then mount a tire by hand. Always use care when handling tires. It's not something you want to just jump in and do if you don't have any experience. Best to find an old tire and wheel to practice on before you go straight to what you're wanting to change, as there is a level of skill involved.

    My apologies for the air compressor kicking in. Since what I was saying is important, here it is pretty much in a...
  10. Slant Six Camshaft Bearing "How To" Install

    Please do not comment until the mods have changed this into a How To. It will make their job a little easier. Thank you.

    This is a how to about installing camshaft bearings into a slant six engine. I almost didn't do this, but Kitty insisted because she has fun taking the pictures. I am glad she did now, because the slant is a little different with its offset camshaft. Being offset, the oiling holes from the mains are basically "blind". In other words, with the main caps off, you cannot see...
  11. How to Install Camshaft Bearings

    I have been wanting to do this for a while now and since I got my 383, no better time than the present.

    This is how to install camshaft bearings.

    Although this is for a Chrysler big block, the procedure is similar for most any domestic V8, V6, I6 or I4.

    First, you need the right tool for the job. I've seen people use generic bushing drivers in the past, but the right tool makes it stupid proof and will provide good results every time. Mine is the Lisle 18000 universal camshaft bearing...
  12. How To Rebuild / Refurbish an Air Ratchet

    Please keep comments in a separate thread so as not to crowd this one. Thanks.

    sireland67 took me up on my offer to rebuild an air ratchet and provide a How To on how to do it. He sent me an old Mac Tools 1/4 stubby air ratchet. It is actually a variation of the tried and true Ingersoll Rand 103/104 series. Follow along as I tear it down.

    First, here are the necessary tools. As you can see, nuthin to it.
    First, we remove the snap ring that retains the head in the head driver.
    Next, I push...
  13. How To Recondition a Sure Grip Cone

    This is a how to on reconditioning a cone style sure grip unit. This is not a boni-fide approved repair in any book or manual. I have done a LOT and I mean a LOT of them like this and never had a problem.

    I am doing this unit for our member "73SwingerBuild". As you can see, it's a pretty clean unit out of the box. To disassemble it, simply remove the eight bolts on the ring gear flange. The preload springs will push the unit apart.

    EDIT: This thread is purely a how to. I don't intend for...
  14. Thermoquad Teardown and Reassembly How To

    This will be a sticky and be locked when done. Please begin another thread for comments. Thanks.

    I am building this 850 Thermoquad for Jeremy (JMacMopars) for his 318. This is a step by step how to on teardown and reassembly.

    First, begin by turning the carburetor upside down and soaking the body screws through the back side on the under side of the base plate with P'Blaster. The screws are steel and the base plate is aluminum. They have a nasty habit of corroding.

    I want to thank my...
  15. Holley How To

    Since our friend NightMoves was burglarized, I offered to send him a carburetor. So, I thought what better time to to do this than now? I am going to build him up a nice little 1850-2 Holley 600. This is how "I" build them. I am not looking for discussion or argument. Just trying to show how to do a simple rebuild. Enjoy.
    Remember, before you put it in the cleaner, remove ALL of the gasket material that you can. It will turn into a goopy mess if you do not. As soon as I get a kit, I will...
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