Articles from Syleng1

  1. Carpet Holes Made Easy

    Making a clean hole in a carpet- especially for seat belt bolts and seat mounts. With out a razor blade.
  2. 1964-66 Door Hinges - Using 1967-76 Style

    Hello Abody people,

    My info is on what I did to use the 67-76 abody door hinge set on my 66’ Barracuda early Abody car. I’ve stripped a lot of abody cars and could never tell why there is a difference. I found out today. How come you can only buy 67-76 style hinges and they don’t fit the early abody cars? I bought a complete set off EBAY and it came with new bolts and it was the correct bolts too. 4 boxes labeled left, Right, lower and same for top. 67-76 Abody

    They arrived safe and sound...
  3. Easy Way To Clean and Lube Heater Cables

    So you decide like I did to disassemble the dash and paint everything, clean well and then there is the heater and AC control cables. Here is a simple way to clean and lube in one shot.

    With the cable out of the car ( I disassembled my controller but you can do this all together.)
    Wipe down and straighten the cable by hand on the bench so it moves in and out with out binding
    Now with the cable in hand wrap the free end with electrical tape about the diameter of the formed circle.
    Now slip a...
  4. Simple way to replace inner wheel well lip and Quarter panel install tips!

    So, I decided to replace the quarter panel on the 66' and when cutting off the outer skin I found the inner wheel well lip gone. Some of the lip actually needed to go into the wheel well area.
    Now this repair is the same way I've been doing this for over 35 years. Some have an issue with it, but it works and is do-able by almost anyone with some mechanical skills and a small welder.
    If you don't agree with my methods- then use what you can and add your own. I like to spot weld in the...
  5. Home Made Easy 8-3/4 Center Chuck Storage

    Take 2 empty 5 gals buckets and one cover. cut the bottom of one of the bottoms minus 1/2"-3/4" to leave as a small lip place one bucket with the cut bottom inside the whole bucket This is my tool of choice for cutting out the bottom of the bucket- a 3" air "wizzer". drop the center chuck in the top bucket attach the cover and label. All good. If you put lube in the bottom to coat the gears or completely dry. Also if you do fill with gear oil, make sure you use a cover with a seal and...
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