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  1. Production Figures for Plymouth Barracuda from Chrysler Historical collection

    Have a thirty year plus collection of paperwork in a binder with information that I deemed important that was gleaned from all kinds of sources. most of this stuff is pre-internet days and I've run across information about production figures for the Barracuda.
    1965 Barracuda 8 cylinder 40,522
    w/ 273 4bbl auto 4,505
    w/273 4 bbl 4 speed...
  2. How To: Repairing Plastic Sharktooth Grilles

    i have been working on the repair of my sharktooth grille over the last couple of months and I have made some progress that can be shared for other member to try if they are in need of grille repairs. I can't and won't take credit for this process. I read about it somewhere on Moparts and thought i would try it and see how it worked. if anyone reading this thread knows the person who posted this process on moparts, please give him all the credit.

    In the following pictures you will see...
  3. Broadcast Sheet / Fender Tag Engine Codes

    I thought with the many questions I see on this forum about codes I would submit thirty years of info that I have scribbled down in a few books, junkyard research, Old magazines, etc. I kept during restorations over the years. This list is huge and covers codes from 1969 to around 1983. I will add to this list as time permits and if anybody notices any codes that may or are incorrect please feel free to challenge. a lot of this is hand written and is subject to mistakes. If this lists help...
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