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    Ok, some discussion about the Plymouth Barracuda emblems has had me thinking and I had to look for more info. Seems a lot of people think the 65-68 Formula-S fender emblem is the same. I remember as a kid going to the junk yard with my dad and there were a pair of Formula-S cars there, a 65 & a 66, parked side by side. Dad bought both sets of emblems off the cars to save them instead of let them rot. I later remember him saying that the one set was different than his 66, the mounting studs were in different spots, the 65 had them side-to-side while the 66 was top-to-bottom. Never thought much about this till recently. I just took these pics of the same 65 emblems we pulled of the car many years ago, part number on back is 2579442, studs to the sides. I also noticed the back side is very slightly curved which makes sense cause the fender curves on the 65 models.

    The 66 emblems have part number 2579443 on them, I also included pics for comparison (the last 2 pics). Does anybody reproduce the 65 style emblem? If not, they have to be pretty hard to find. I assume 66-68 were all the same due to the flat fender area they were mounted too. Other than the slight curve on the back, part number and stud location, they look identical from the front side.

    Formula S Emblem 1-1.jpg

    Formula S Emblem 1-2.jpg

    Formula S Emblem 1-3.jpg

    Formula S Emblem 1-4.jpg

    Formula S Emblem 1-5.jpg

    Formula S Emblem 1-6.jpg

    Formula S Emblem 1-7.jpg

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