Electrical & Ignition

  1. LED 7" Round Headlights Upgrade!!

    How to install BRIGHT 7" LED Round Headlights in your Later A Body for a great price and easy plug-in play installation!!
  2. How to get Brighter Headlights

    It takes more than a powerful alternator, and more than changing to powerful replacement headlights, to get brighter headlights on these older cars and trucks. The above photo was taken with High Beams ON, and the engine was running at highway cruise RPM. 14.1 volts measured at the Horn Relay was perfect. (It’s the main power distribution buss-bar in this electrical system.) But the headlights were only running at 11.5 volts!The voltage drop to...
  3. How To Install an Ignition Switch in 1970 Dodge Dart

    Here's a How To for installing an ignition switch. This is on a 70 Dodge DartIf your gonna do the ignition switch, you may as well do the turn signal switch while in there. That way everything in the column is new.. First pull the wheel... Pull the turn signal stalk and unscrew the turn signal switch.. Pull the column screws out Pull the snap ring... Slide the column apart. Pull the next snap ring off by the steering lock plate. Then this little cover. It covers the roll pin that holds the...
  4. How to do a Basic Wire Splice

    Hi everyone! I'm here to show you how I splice electrical wires. One of my old bosses was an electrical engineer and he gave me some advice on how to properly splice electrical wires.I've seen many attempts at splicing wires with my cars over the years, and I've seen some real hack jobs. I will walk you through how to splice two wires together for long term service and dependability. This will include soldering, as it is more permanent and will give you many miles of trouble free...
  5. Repairing a Cracked Spade on an Ignition Switch

    Hi y'all,I have a 69 ignition switch with key I bought that was used but out of a low mileage Mopar that was rotted out. That part is a different story, however the switch when I got it, I found that it had a crack in one of the spade lugs that will need to be repaired before use. Instead of getting a sinking feeling coupled with an oh damn, I formulated a plan to repair it. This repair can be used on wiper switches, headlamp switches, or any other factory switch that's tabbed and riveted...
  6. How to Solder Wires Together (Video)

    Learn How to Solder Correctly. In this video I show you the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to properly solder, from what type of solder and flux you should use to how to splice the wires together for a strong soldered joint. I show you how to strip the wires, add heat shrink, splice the wires, solder, and melt the heat shrink to make a perfect soldered connection! Products Used: Solder: [URL]http://amzn.to/2cfjNcv[/URL] Rosin Flux: [URL]http://amzn.to/2bVPzMB[/URL] Soldering Gun: [URL]http://amzn.to/2c0cCoe[/URL]...
  7. How to Identify Dual Points SB and BB

    I get asked quite a lot if I have points. A lot of descriptions say just 340, 360, 400, 440 etc. and misleading for sure. Here is a picture so you know what to look for. E bay is notorious for it. Now you know the difference in a picture. Very easy to confuse since they are mirror image of each other.
  8. Adjustable Vacuum Advance

    Hope this helps out explain the adjustable vac advance. It does not adjust the amount of advance it adjust the rate of advance.This should help you can see when the screw is all the way out CCW, it compresses the spring in the vac advance, usually takes over 20 INHG to move the diaphragm when it is out all the way CW they usually start moving at around 5 INHG, hope it helps explain it.
  9. How To Limit and Adjust Chrysler Vacuum Advance Cans

    This comes up enough that it seemed worthwhile to create its own thread.Part 1. Chrysler Vacuum Advance Canisters (pods) Lets start with how two of the three vacuum advance characteristics can be adjusted. This can be done either to bring the timing to factory specifications, or for custom tuning. Tuning will be covered in parts 2 and 3.Three aspects of control by the vacuum canister. a. Amount of advance possible. This can be limited with a piece of wire or sheet metal, or increased by...
  10. How To Check a Condenser on a Points Ignition

    I get asked this all the time. I have a condenser tester but I do it daily. This will work for you. This is for an analog meter but a digital works--you will see the voltage spike.Hope this helps1.) Remove the condenser from the engine (or at least disconnect the lead wire). Note the small metal connector located on the end of the condenser. This connector is the "hot" or power connection. The metal case of the condenser is the grounding point. Discharge the condenser by shorting the...
  11. How to Identify the difference between distributor caps

    I get asked all the time how come my distributor cap will not fit. There are two types one for the common aluminum case distributor that fit both point and electronic units then there is the dualpoint cap that fits only the cast iron distributor housings. The aluminum has a internal slot that the tab on the vacuum advance fits into and the dual point (prestolight) distributor has a tab on the cap that fits into a slot on the hold down clip. Here are some pictures of the difference....
  12. Determining 12 Volt Wire Size

    Just saw this chart and figured it would be a great guide to share here. I have seen numerous posts about determining what wire size to use lately. You have to remember also to fuse the circuit according to the load.
  13. Great How to Diagnose Basic Ignitions

    Forgot I had this older chart on ignitions. Basically walks you through any issues you will have. I have always thought this was very helpful when I was just starting to get into cars around sixteen years old. Hopefully this will help out members walk through ignition issues.
  14. Trunk Mount Battery Kill Switch Diagram

    Here's a few good diagrams to help you move your battery to the trunk with a power kill switch.
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