Exterior and Body Work

  1. Removing drip rail moldings without ruining them

    Hey gang, I made this video to show you how to remove the chrome drip rail moldings on any of your old Mopars...without damaging them. I've been doing it this way for 40 years, and have never once put a crimp in any of my chrome. Sorry for the quality of the video. I have since purchased a proper video camera!
  2. Restoration of 69 Barracuda plastic Grille surrounds.

    Here is my way of restoring cracked 69 barracuda plastic grille surrounds.Source for the JB Weld Bonding Agent: Lowes or Home Depot. Around $6.00The JB Weld Plastic/structural bonding 2 part agent works very well and is strong. I used Krylon Dull Aluminum paint to spray the headlight plastic bezels and the plastic surrounds.After sanding the plastic bonding agent smooth, use a good primer to cover the bonding agent to avoid it bleeding through the final paint. I still have...
  3. Separating spot-welded body and frame parts

    Some of you know how to do this, some of you don't, i am going to show you the easy way to do this, especially if you need or want to save both pieces that are welded together.Typically if you have one piece you need to save and the other you are discarding because of rust, you drill and separate from the side you are discarding, or grind down the spot weld with a grinder on the side you are discarding, and use a chisel to separate the pieces discarding the bad metal.In my case i am...
  4. Simple way to replace inner wheel well lip and Quarter panel install tips!

    So, I decided to replace the quarter panel on the 66' and when cutting off the outer skin I found the inner wheel well lip gone. Some of the lip actually needed to go into the wheel well area. Now this repair is the same way I've been doing this for over 35 years. Some have an issue with it, but it works and is do-able by almost anyone with some mechanical skills and a small welder. If you don't agree with my methods- then use what you can and add your own. I like to spot weld in the...
  5. the vinyl top on a 72 dart

    desc of most of the steps in the VT. headliner from cardboard to fabric next! (i hope)
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