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  1. Cardboard Headliner Replacement

    1 start with old headliner for a pattern carefully cutting it apart 2 trace the parts onto the desired material, I used signplast for it's lightweight and longevity I did two headliners and a trunk lid cover so I spaced out the tracings to have some left over large enough to make that also. 3 carefully cut you material to shape from the tracings with signplast it is a little tricky because it is like corrugated cardboard, you will have to clean it...
  2. How to Restore a Mopar A-Body Door Window Assembly: Part 2

    How to Restore a Mopar A-Body Door Window Assembly: Part 2
  3. How to Restore a Mopar A-Body Door Window Assembly: Part 1

    How to Restore a Mopar A-body Door Window Assembly: Part 1 I have just downloaded my latest DIY videos on restoring our Door Window Assemblies to YouTube. Part 1 shows how to remove the entire assembly and restoration of the vent frame assembly. Hope you find it informative. Part 1 [MEDIA=youtube]7qhBE_haOA4[/MEDIA]
  4. How to Remove Horn Medallions

    67 Dart Grab center medallion cap and twist counter clockwise while holding the horn ring and steering wheel from turning. On 69 Dart with padded horn ringPlace a small screwdriver between medallion and horn ring on driver's side of medallion (9:00 position) and pry up. Go easy and you might want to place some protection between the padded horn ring and the screwdriver. There is a slot on the passenger side (3:00 position) of the horn ringand a tab on the medallionto index it on...
  5. Fuzzies window trick!

    Window fuzzies.
  6. Headrest Removal

    Just want to help anyone out by telling how I removed my bench seat headrests out of my 1970 Duster 340. These headrests have one long (RH) and one short (LH) chrome post.Raise the headrest all the way up. Get a spray can of Kel's Heavy Duty Pure Industrial Grade Silicone (or equivalent) and install the straw tube. Now, insert the tube 1-2 inches down the backside of the right-hand post aiming straight down. The retainer latch inside the seat is on the RH post of both the driver's and...
  7. Step-by-Step '67 Rallye Gauge Cluster Overhaul/Audio System Upgrade

    This is a step-by-step documentation of my instrument cluster overhaul project. Not all steps may be applicable to your project. Mine included replacing a malfunctioning speedometer, replacing a defective aftermarket tach (I had originally replaced the vacuum gauge with a tach and it worked for a couple of days and died), and replacing the factory analog gauges with new replacements. I also upgraded the speakers of my RetroSound factory-looking modern audio system by upping the power...
  8. Quarter window Regulator installation

    1) install the floating roller into the long slot of the window mount. I should mention that in the picture the roller is upside down the black roller actually goes into the mount not the white one. 2) install the window mount into the quarter panel. 3) install the regulator. Note you will need to rack the regulator to one side to install with ease. 4) there is a small white roller on the arm of the regulator that needs to go into the slide attached to the inside of the interior panel.I...
  9. How to fix a Defroster hose

    Coors can works great also! 2.5 OD
  10. Instrument Cluster Restoration Tips , 1967-72 A-body , 1970-76 A-body

    1967-1976 A-body Instrument Cluster restoration tips, Standard and Rally
  11. Carpet Holes Made Easy

    Making a clean hole in a carpet- especially for seat belt bolts and seat mounts. With out a razor blade.
  12. General Instrument Bezel Repair with Mods

    This bezel was pretty rough. I removed all paint and chrome via careful wet sanding and brushing. I heard brake fluid would have done the job overnight, oh well live and learn. I take small projects like this home and work a couple hours in the wee morning, then a couple hours on the car shell during the day while at work. As you can see, crack repair was necessary. I conducted bond tests with several adhesives including epoxy, Super type glues and E6000. E6000 had the best adhesion by...
  13. Bucket Seat Restomod: Cadillac CTS seats in a 69 Dart Convertible

    This article shows how to get modern shoulder harnesses into a 69 Dart convertible by installing Cadillac CTS bucket seats.
  14. A great chart for radio id.

    Identifying Car Radios 2580 766 MoPar 1968 Imperial Search tune AM PB radio 2580 786 418 Mark 1 MoPar 1968 Imperial T&C AM PB radio 2580 786 MoPar 1968 Imperial Search tune AM PB radio 2649 963 CE59014 MoPar 1969 Plymouth Valiant AM PB radio 2820 632 240 MoPar 1968 Plymouth AM PB radio 2820 275 MoPar 1968 Chrysler Search tune AM-FM PB radio 2820 635 376 MoPar 1968 Chrysler AM PB radio(?) 2820 885 MoPar 1968 Chrysler AM-FM stereo PB radio 2824...
  15. Seat relocation brackets installation instructions.

    All the credit for this goes to Peter Bates. The brackets supplied by Year One are a great product but come without instructions. Peter did his install and was kind enough to supply the instructions for us. Peter Bates said: ↑ Sorry team I'm a E body guy but I thought I'd let you know Intel on this subject.Seat relocation brackets bought from Year One.These brackets in the front hole positions gave me nearly three inches more leg room. Great for a 6’4” guy. Wish I would have thought...
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