Easy Way To Clean and Lube Heater Cables

By Syleng1, Aug 12, 2017 | |
  1. Syleng1
    So you decide like I did to disassemble the dash and paint everything, clean well and then there is the heater and AC control cables. Here is a simple way to clean and lube in one shot.

    With the cable out of the car ( I disassembled my controller but you can do this all together.)
    Wipe down and straighten the cable by hand on the bench so it moves in and out with out binding

    Now with the cable in hand wrap the free end with electrical tape about the diameter of the formed circle.

    Now slip a piece of fuel line over the end and using a hose clamp gently squeeze till it seals. The hose I used was 1/4" and about 8" long. You only need about 1" over the end of the outer jacket of the cable.


    Add you favorite oil. I like Lucas Heavy duty air tool oil. It cleans and lubricates and is water proofing and typically does not drip when in use. One you add like a teaspoons worth of oil, using a blow gun apply compressed air (it only takes like 5psi.) Wear safety glasses. Now when the oil comes out the other end it will be dirty. Keep pushing oil until it is clean. Wipe all down and try. It should move much better than before.

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