How to RECOVER Mopar Bucket Seats in YOUR Driveway

By Prine, Sep 27, 2012 | |
  1. Prine
    Sounds like fun right? Well, doing some work at home can really save you some money on your project. And we all like that. I recently did this job in my driveway and wanted to share the experience. The real Holdup on doing a job like this is: Tools and Seat Covers. I got the Seat Covers from Legendary Auto Interiors, and the quality is GREAT.

    STEP ONE - put seat covers in sunlight to warm up

    Position the car on the driveway but leave some working room in front.

    Then, I always disconnect the battery

    Your probably gonna need some Spray Lubricant for the next step
    this is what I use

    The seats are attached to the car with (4) studs that protrude from the Seat Track through the floor to the underside of the floorpan

    Spray all (4) threaded studs from the bottom, on each bucket seat on each side of the car

    Then Remove (4) Nuts holding the seat in
    This is where it gets dirty, so keep a rag handy for cleanup

    Once the Seats are Removed.......

    Set up a open area to work in. You'll need some room. I used the opening of my garage, and an old black fender cover spread out on the ground.

    Set a Bucket Seat up for Disassembly, by laying on its back

    Remove the Hinge Covers on both sides with a Philips Screwdriver

    Then, remove the Hinge PIN Bolt...this attaches the top of the seat to the bottom section of the seat

    Once the upper and lower section is seperated, you can choose which to tackle first, but I went with the upper seat first.

    To remove the old covers, you'll need a pair of Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutters
    Cut the (5) hogrings that seal up the seat cover along the lower seam

    Once you cut the hog rings...there are some rods that go up each side and hook into the seat frame....disengage the old cover up and off....till you get to the "short" row of hog rings....cut those

    Your gonna need HogRing Pliers and approximately 50 rings to do (2) seats

    Make sure and clean up your Foam and all the crevices from debris.

    To begin the assembly, take your cover (which has been sitting in the sunlight, right?) and stretch it and flip it Vinyl Side IN

    Attach the inner part of the cover to the Foam/Seat Frame where you LAST cut hogrings.

    - To Be Continued -

    Back to where I left off:

    Slip the attachment rod through the eyelets and hog ring the attachment rod to the seat frame

    Then, slowly and carefully start pulling the Upper Cover over the seat back and down to the base

    Insert the Vertical Attachment Rod through the upper side eyelets and secure them with a Hogring on the bottom end

    Then Hogring the lower seam closed....your now done with the Seat Back....set it aside.


    To begin the Seat Bun....Flip it over and cut off all the perimeter (edge) hogrings.

    Peel the lower cover off and discard

    Clean the foam and clean out all the crevices like you did on the Seat Back



    Slide the Seat Bottom Side Attachment rods through the eyelets and Hogring them to the lower seat frame.

    Stretch the lower cover down and around the sides and slip the edges through the seat track and Hogring the perimeter of the cover to the Lower Seat frame in the manner they were attached from the factory.

    Reattach the Seat Back to the Seat Bottom with the Hinge Pin Bolts......Reinstall the Hinge Covers.....Reinstall the Seat in the Car.

    Repeat Procedure for other side.




    (dont forget to hook the battery up)

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