How To: Repairing Plastic Sharktooth Grilles

By va58, Dec 10, 2012 | Updated: Sep 26, 2016 | |
  1. va58
    i have been working on the repair of my sharktooth grille over the last couple of months and I have made some progress that can be shared for other member to try if they are in need of grille repairs. I can't and won't take credit for this process. I read about it somewhere on Moparts and thought i would try it and see how it worked. if anyone reading this thread knows the person who posted this process on moparts, please give him all the credit.

    In the following pictures you will see how I did this. Took an old mason jar and filled it half way with acetone. took shaving from an old parts grille and put into the jar. the acetone melted the pieces to form a thick glue made of the same type of plastic that the grilles are made of. it took about three days to get the consistency I was looking for. A thick paste that would allow two or three minutes to work with it before it set up. This process works. The repair area is very strong and as firm as the surrounding area.

    There will be hours of sanding to do from this point but the repairs will be undetectable when complete. Posted this on my restoration thread but thought i might reach a few more member posting with a new thread. I have begun the sanding process and will post more pictures of grille before priming. As you sand the repaired area, it take on the color of the grille since I used pieces of a broken grille as the glue. I also use this glue to spread into any stress cracks on the grille surface.

    After the glued areas were dry, you can flex the repaired area and the grille will flex inches down from the repair. Super strong! Also I want to point out that with this method you can sand the glue down and it will blend into the repair as part of the grille, since it is made of the same materials. Of course this process can be use on any plastic grille of the era,. Just be sure to use plastic shaving from a like grille.

    sharktooth grille repair 029.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 030.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 032.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 034.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 036.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 046.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 048.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 049.jpg
    sharktooth grille repair 051.jpg

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