In Place Parking Brake Handle Replacement

  1. Dana67Dart
    Tools / materials needed:
    · Faucet Puller Husky Compression Sleeve and Faucet Puller-63876 - The Home Depot

    · Roll pin Punch Set Roll Pin Punch Set (9-Piece)-61135 - The Home Depot

    · 3"x3"x3" block of wood, preferable hard wood like Oak, but Fur or Pine 2x4 will work

    1. Cut a block of wood to approximately 3 inches square

    2. Drill a 7/8 inch diameter hole (or the diameter of your brake handle) all the way through the center from one side, the grain should be perpendicular to the hole

    3. Cut the block in half to result in a "C" shape


    4. Drill a hole larger than the pin, 1/4 inch should do, perpendicular to the first hole, this is your "C" block


    5. Remove the pin from the Faucet Puller, the one listed above twisted out easily when clamped into a vise by rotating the "T" handle, if not, cut it off


    6. Determine the correct Roll Pin Punch diameter for your roll pin, in my case 5/32" was the correct size


    7. Carefully drill out the Faucet Puller hole where you removed the pin earlier to the diameter of the roll pin punch, in my case 5/32" (CAUTION... the puller I bought must have been hardened and/or I drilled too fast and broke the bit off in the hole so go slow and use a sharp bit)

    8. Drill the hole about 1 inch deep


    9. Use a grinder to cut the Roll Pin Punch about 3 inches long

    Punch cut.jpg

    10. Square off the cut end

    Punch cut off.jpg

    11. Insert the cut Roll Pin Punch into the hole in the Faucet Puller


    12. Pull the parking brake handle out far enough to work comfortably

    13. Place the "C" block on the passenger side of the handle so the small hole aligns with the roll pin

    14. Place the Faucet Puller with the Roll Pin Punch inserted on the driver's side of the handle so the punch aligns with the roll pin

    15. Place the "L" shaped hooks of the Faucet Puller around the wood "C" block


    16. Turn the "T" handle of the Faucet Puller till the roll pin punch has tightened onto the roll pin

    17. Slowly turn the "T" handle and watch for the roll pin to move, if all goes well the roll pin will come out with minimal effort

    18. Once the roll pin is out the handle will slide off easily


    19. To reinstall use the same procedure as above

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