The other day I saw a 74 Jensen Interceptor for the first time, they were made in England and very limited production. The only thing I knew about them was they had a 440 mopar engine. I got a chance to talk to the owner, who sounded like he was from England also, and he filled me in on some info regarding them. There was only 1500 imported to the U.S., and they were actually a luxury vehicle. It had A/C, p.s.,p.b., p.w. automatic and anything else a luxury vehicle might have. The only thing that surprised was the weight of the car being 4000 lbs.. He did have the motor rebuilt with all new parts inside, crank, rods, pistons etc.. I thought it might be a rocket till him told me the weight. And how I even got involved was a Lady came to me and told me it was an Avanti and since I knew about them I tried to tell her it wasn't. We went to the emblem and that's when we found out it had the Jensen script on it.
The only other exotic vehicle I saw on the road was a 58 Chrysler Diablo, that had the 58 392 Fire Power engine and the body was some Italian exotic thing. The owner was the owner of Blue Ridge Farms that was very big in selling salads of all kind. That car I saw around 1980. I took pics of that car but have to look for them.