Parking Brake Cable Removal

  1. dusted72
    I just thought this might help some else out.

    First you have to unhook all the cables under the driver side floor board, then what I did was use a pair of needle nose pliers and a slid them over the cable where it comes though the floor brace and hit it with a rubber hammer to get the cable back through. Sorry no pics of that part.

    Then I went under the dash and removed the return spring from the pin.

    Alot of progress 033.jpg

    Alot of progress 034.jpg

    Then I removed the little cotter pin from the same pin that you had removed the spring from. Then you remove that pin also. After that I removed the bracket that held the cable in place, freeing the cable from the parking brake handle.

    Alot of progress 038.jpg

    Alot of progress 037.jpg

    Alot of progress 035.jpg

    Once I had freed the cable inside I went back to the engine bay and pushed in the 3 little prongs that held the cable on the firewall and pushed the cable back inside the car. Once that was done I went back under the dash and pulled the cable the rest of the way through the firewall and that is all. I know it's not much but I know I had no clue until I crawled under the dash and started to unhook stuff. I hope it helps someone.

    Alot of progress 039.jpg

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