Removal and rebuilding 71 Duster door hinges

  1. Hueydriver
    First of all I have to give credit to all the members of this forum who assisted me in this task. My task was to remove and rebuild the door hinges on my 1971 Duster. The driver's door sagged due to slop in the lower hinge, and neither door had the "S" spring installed.

    The first thing I did was explore this forum to gather as much information as available.

    The next thing I did was order a rebuild kit and "reamer" tool from the following link: Restorations by Rick Kreuziger - Product and Component Restoration Detailed Information (

    As recommended, I removed the doors to access the hinges. This is required to remove the bolts where the 2 upper hinge bolts and the forward bolt on the lower hinge attach the hinges to the body of the car. The other 2 bolts for the lower hinge can be accessed by removing the kick panel. To remove the doors I placed a floor jack (placed a towel on the jack to protect the doors paint) under the door to support it and a helper to balance the door as the bolts were removed.

    When the hinges were removed I followed the instructions provided with Rick's kit. For the lower hinges I used the tool to ream the holes, installed the larger pin, installed the new "S" spring, and inspected and lubed the original rollers.

    Reverse the removal instruction to reinstall the hinges and doors. Fortunately for me only a minor adjustment was needed to align the door at the bottom hinge.

    Thanks again for all the input and help.

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