Replacing Old Engine Mounts in Slant SIx

Replacing old and worn engine mounts on a slant six engine.
  1. MAGA
    I recently replaced the engine mounts on my Slant Six and learned a few things the hard way.

    The old rubber was worn. So I ordered new inserts from The mounts have four components. IMG_5170.JPG
    1. The steel mount itself
    2. The oval metal sleeve that sits in an oval hole
    3. The rubber bushing/insert that goes inside the metal oval sleeve
    4. Another smaller metal sleeve that sits inside of the rubber bushing
    My first mistake was removing the rubber by drilling and cutting it out. This was messy and didn't work. My second mistake was bashing the sleeve and not realizing that they are hard to find and not easily replaced if you damage them. IMG_5171.JPG

    I then got smart and fixed my bashed oval sleeve and then took the other mount and burned out the rubber. IMG_5186.JPG

    After doing some cleaning, it looked pretty nice. IMG_5188.JPG

    Here it is installed! IMG_5190.JPG
    Hope you found this helpful.

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