Taillight Assembly Repairs - Broken Tabs

By Divenut, Mar 19, 2018 | |
  1. Divenut
    Hey Folks,

    Thought I'd share the following showing our low-buck fix for damaged taillight housings and missing mounting tabs. Being on a tight budget (the twins are starting college in 1.5 years! :( ), buying new/replacement housings was not an option. So here goes it!

    Supplies Used:
    POR 15 Epoxy Putty
    JB Weld - Quick Set type
    Dremel tool with small router bits
    Spray Paint for Housing
    "Chrome" spray paint for interior
    Gasket/Seal Kit - I used Detroit Muscle Technologies (a FABO vendor)
    Painter's Tape
    Heat Gun

    We started by removing the assemblies and scraping off the old, dried out seals. A little heat and a scraper did the trick.

    20180225_140837_resized.jpg 20180225_143124_resized.jpg 20180225_144956_resized.jpg 20180225_145346_resized.jpg
    The old seals weren't actually sealing anything!

    20180225_144349_resized.jpg 20180225_144356_resized.jpg Housing before.jpg
    One of the housings was somehow melted/warped? Note the melted/misshaped housing on right side.

    20180225_144759_resized.jpg 20180310_095442_resized.jpg Housing After.jpg

    But a little time with my heat gun and putty knife got it pretty close enough for my purposes. Heated the melted housing with a heat gun and pushed out with spoon to shape. Not perfect but good enough for my Hooptie!

    20180310_101820_resized_1.jpg 20180310_101828_resized.jpg 20180310_102135_resized.jpg
    Used POR15 Epoxy Puddy and JB Weld to form new tabs. It took several sessions to build up and rough shape the tabs. Each time I shaped the tabs using a Dremel Tool with router bits once the epoxy was fully cured. I could've ground/sanded the finish smoother but just wasn't that concerned about it for our application. Note: I heated up the POR15 Putty prior to mixing with made it much more malleable and easier to form/press into shape.

    20180312_210401_resized.jpg 20180312_210413_resized.jpg 20180312_213644_resized.jpg 20180312_214013_resized.jpg
    Once the tabs were close enough for me I drilled the pilot holes and opened them up with the router bit.

    20180314_221547.jpg 20180316_221829_resized.jpg 20180316_221848_resized.jpg 20180316_221903_resized.jpg 20180316_223201_resized.jpg
    Last step was to paint the assemblies. The girls and I opted for Semi-Gloss black to tie then in with the black Go-Wing and future black striping kit. We hit the inside of the housings with rattle can "Chrome" and it really brightened them up. Should definitely throw a bit more light than before.

    Overall, pretty pleased with the finished, low-buck, results.

    TL B4.jpg


    20180318_101645_resized.jpg 20180318_175203_resized.jpg TL After.jpg

    Next we attack the rust repair and body work!

    Hope someone can benefit from this stuff!

    Be well,

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