I am writing this because I couldn't find any really clear instructions on how to reinstall the windows in my car. I read lots of article's and viewed loads of Youtube videos. The method that I used was a hybrid of everything that I learned.

1. Do not put any sealer on first. (What a mess) Put the sealer on after installation.
2. Tape the rubber seal to the glass.
3. Wet the seal with a Dawn/ water mix. You will need to do this over and over as you go.
4. Put the glass in the opening, bottom first.
5. Work the seal in across the bottom and both lower corners. Do this with a pick, take your time.
6. Work the sides the same way alternating from side to side as you go up the glass.
7. The upper corners are the hardest. Because of the wide inner flange of the seal, the seal will pull away from the glass on the top. Use a pick to put the seal on the pinch weld flange on the body. You may need to do this one side at a time.
8. I used a Bondo applicator to work the seal on to the glass. Once the corners are done, the center is easy. Use lots of Dawn/ water mix here.

Good Luck......Demonator