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  1. greymouser7
    greymouser7 toolmanmike
    thanks tmm! you the man!
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  2. Abodybomber
    Abodybomber mtandrews
    Beach Boys .. Alan Jardine , his son ( unbelievable vocals ,6' 4" carry falsetto high notes. ?..." ) And a good keyboardist / guitar guy. Mostly acoustic , the borrowed Strat , was fair. He will tour with Brian Wilson .. in the near future.....
  3. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo cosmo56
    Happy Birthday cosmo56!
  4. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo cuda27365
    Happy Birthday cuda27365!
  5. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo Jim Jager
    Happy Birthday Jim Jager!
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  6. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo The Rev
    Happy Birthday The Rev!
  7. greymouser7
    Am back from an 84 day deployment. 19 strat patrols accomplished, not much time left in the Navy.
  8. hemisedan
    hemisedan CudaChick1968
    Hi there, I have a set of 68-69 340 exhaust manifolds that I’d like to look good. Probably charcoal or off black in color. I’m looking at possibilities.
  9. moparraceman
    moparraceman greymouser7
    your inbox is full shock plates $79.65 with shipping payment to send as a gift then no 3% fee also name and address thanks
    1. greymouser7
      Payment sent.
      Feb 22, 2018 at 5:52 PM
  10. 1bad71Scamp
    1bad71Scamp Bunker45
    Bunker45 centerlines still for sale? Text or call me 740 541 7029
  11. Michael Harrington
    Michael Harrington dodge freak
    Howdy. You wrote in 2010 you used Print O Seal Felpro gaskets to seal your D66 273 Edelbrock 273 dual quad intake to your 360 heads- Did you get 273/318 Felpros or 340/360? Thanks!!!!
  12. Flight nerd
    Flight nerd mcat
    Hey man, do you still have the 68 barracuda? I didn’t notice any posts stating it was gone. If so give me a ring. I’m legitimately interested 916-247-6689 my name is Bryce. Thanks man
  13. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo Bdsmopar
    Happy Birthday Bdsmopar!
  14. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo Kyle shop owner
    Happy Birthday Kyle shop owner!
  15. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo Panzerwagon
    Happy Birthday Panzerwagon!
  16. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo RPM440+6
    Happy Birthday RPM440+6!
  17. Stephen Spencer
    Stephen Spencer replicaracer43
    Don't you have the 5.7 with the manual trans for sale
  18. Plymouth 65
  19. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo 68original
    Happy Birthday 68original!
  20. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo 72Duster440
    Happy Birthday 72Duster440!
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    Joeychgo az426hemi
    Happy Birthday az426hemi!
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    Joeychgo cranerob
    Happy Birthday cranerob!
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    Joeychgo David clark
    Happy Birthday David clark!
  24. Joeychgo
    Joeychgo George Salomskas
    Happy Birthday George Salomskas!
  25. Joeychgo
    Happy Birthday HOLLIS ARMSTRONG!