Chrysler Power

Since 1983 Chrysler Power has set the pace for Mopar devotee enthusiasm. Before that Roland Osborne had founded the National Hemi Owners Association in 1975 and Mopar Muscle in 1978, followed by Chrysler Performance Parts Association in late 1979.When Roland founded Chrysler Power Magazine in 1983 it was by sheer determination and passion. There was no road map for a Mopar magazine and Chrysler Power Magazine set the pace and the benchmark for advertising, subscriptions and newsstand sales.Today Chrysler Power continues to set the bar-and that’s high! Un-ashamedly “Family Friendly,” Chrysler Power has forged back into the forefront just a few short months after it re-emerged from a 13 year hiatus due to a major tragedy. Phenomenal subscription interest, tremendous advertiser loyalty, and stories by the finest and most articulate Mopar story tellers on the planet. Our print magazine is also available as an internet “virtual flip magaine.

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