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  • I have no Hearts. Go fish.
    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
    I accepted your invite to be friends. Now you are ruined. You are known by your friends.
    Why me anyway?
    Just because I know where "Rich Village" is? (That's an Georgia insider joke)
    Hey Tom, Hi how are ya. You're the first to notice that quality feedback, or at least first to acknowledge it. I can't think of anything that I can presently help you out with. But I can check my area for you when you are looking. Haven't even been to any selling ads lately, such as CL or Race Junk or whatever. But let me know what you'd need and I'll see if there's anyway I can help you out. Meanwhile I'll take your "Friend Request" Talk to ya later, Red
    Hi, what puts me on your "INTEREST" list? i haven't posted any great pics, to my knowledge haven't made any great post. Just curious
    Anyone working on a '66 can't be all bad. (Restored two '66 Darts)

    US Army Corps of Engineers: 74-86 AD, 86-94 Res. (Nam to Desert Storm)

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