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  • I accidentally erased conversation.
    Heres tracking. 9505 5152 5555 0253 6347 71
    2 day delivery. Send your number again if you want pic of receipt.

    Give it some time to appear in database. Thank you
    Call me my name is Allen call me at 724 256 6075 I will tell you what happen to me on this car so far. Thank yoy
    Does anyone need a car pulled to the east coast ? I'm heading to Pennsylvania to buy a car. I may be heading to Alabama and South Carolina after that. I'm thinking about a buck a mile. Im in Indy Thanks
    Hi Im looking for a 1970 Dart 340. I perfer a 4 speed car but will consider others. Let me know what you have. I will be home at the end of May from Afghanistan and am looking to buy. Thanks
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