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  • Wanted passenger side fender 71 duster and a rally dash frame for my duster call me or text need the help 626 260 2839 thanks Guillermo :)
    Wanted Hi I am looking for an A body rally dash frame for my duster just the frame help call me 626 260 2839 need one adapt since my duster leaving yo body shop
    hey where the hell you been kinda lost track of your *** and on one likes you so they can't tell me if you are still alive or not. don't get on much anymore and when I do seems I piss some peckerwood off. get with me man we are the origional ones that met way back. do not make me come hunt you down.
    Sorry if I pissed you off the other day, about the 4-speed floor hump thing. A buddy of mine bought a "REBODIED" 68 383 4-speed GTS at an auction recently, and I guess I am now skeptical of everything. He was proud as hell of the car, I looked under it and there was NO FACTORY TORQUE BOXES.
    Hey Joe, The A pillar trim arrived today and I'm very pleased with them! Thanks for everything and if I need anything else I will let you know.
    Joe, I got the disc brake stuff today. All looks good. That was quite a packing job. I would have never guessed each side fit in one box (barely). Thanks for the good deal on the brake setup.
    Im looking for a rally dash with bezel cluster gauges circuit board and harness maybe you know someone who may have one thanks for any help
    none of the above.lol the harnees i have has been sold with the complete rally dash
    do u have passenger side rear window glass trim molding for 73 dart?do u have 70-71 dart,demon,duster 340 rallye dash harness?
    i have to get up early tomorrow. Maybe we can do this tomorrow too. I am fairly new here. do i need to set up a paypall account or somethimg? my address is 850 Taylor st. Vista CA 92083. 50 shipped for the Harmonic Balancer for my 225. My name is Robert K Wheeler . Let me know what I need to do . Thanks. My phone # is 760-402-5186.
    im very interested in the 8 3/4 rear dont have to have third member just housing and axles or just housing . how much shipped to 47802 for housing and axles and brakes to me thanks.
    I was told you may have a bbp front disk brake set-up for sale? I am looking for one for my 67 Barracuda......thanks
    no,no. i know, but he posted about my old avatar, and yours in your visitor messages.lol
    I don't know why. It looks good to me. Who asked you to remove it? Anybody that counts? ....and I ain't hershel. LMAO
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