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  • Hey you going to be at Cruisin? I am going down on Sunday for the week. Let me know. I have your phone number from previous years, still the same?
    You had sent me a visitor message asking if I was a C-130 crew chief. The answer to your question is no. May I ask what might have made you think I was?
    I made it down today, will you be at VA tomorrow? If not hope to see you Thur at the marina, I met Moper today and talked with him a while. Weather is awesome!!!Joe
    Good afternoon to all,
    I know I have been on here a little while now but I'm new to computer forums in general so forgive me that I have not sent out a hello messages as of yet. I'm currently an employee with NASA and was working on the Space Shutle Main Engine but have recently been transfered to the External Tank program. I'm also currently an Senior Master Sargent ( E-8 ) in the UASF reserves where I'm and aircraft crew chief. I have worked on KC-10A inflight refuelers, and C-130's B,E,H, and J models.
    I have a 1967 Barracuda and a 1938 Dodge Pickup, which I'm in the process of rebuilding a 270 Hemi and a 241 Hemi to install in both.
    Thank you for visiting and I would be glad to help in anyway I can as I know I will be picking several members brains on my problems.
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