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  • does the pump come with mounting brackets? can you send pictures of the pump and pulley.
    Hoe much shipped to 38135? Thanks big block
    Hello 68383GTS very interested in on of your 727 BB tranys. I will have to cruise down from Racine, Wisconsin. Let me know how to contact you.You can e mail me the info to 4bblphil@sbcglobal.net Hope to hear from you. Thanks,Philthethrill
    Hey Jim, how's it going bud!! I know we haven't talked in some time, but I have a question! I'm sure that by now you've sold the Cuda project body that you were working on before you bought the Duster, but I thought I would ask if you still had it just in case! I have a friend here who is looking for a rust free body to work his magic on, and thought of that car of yours!! He's a buyer, and he's got cash, just thought I'd check!!

    Also haven't seen much about the survivor Cuda you bought and were cleaning up! That was a fun thread, interesting to me because I like to see cars just cleaned up and enjoyed, just the way you were going about it!! Hope all is well in the Windy City area, and thanks for not sending winter across the pond this year, we certainly appreciate it!! Take car brother, and message back if you feel like it!! Geof
    Happy birthday James my friend!! Hope today brings you much joy, hope, presents, and a chance to do something you've always wanted to do!! Enjoy your day matey, Geof
    Jim, I was directed to you by Bruce Chandler and he informed me that you might be looking for a pr of A body 8 3/4" axles with the sbp. I have a pair in the shed and if you are interested I will pull them out, count the splines and send you some photos.
    Thank you.
    Greg Reynolds
    Jim, your mailbox for PM's is full, cannot send you a PM. I will take a gas cap if it is factory and not chrome. PM me, Bill
    That's a good looking car. Your post makes me want to ask what kind of price would you sell it for? If its reasonable, I'm sure it will sell quick. Im In Indiana.
    I seen your duster on craigslist once. I live in Illinois too. What was you trying to get out of the duster????
    Oh and sorry billschafer58 I really do not use this board so I did not see your questions about the fenders..I sold both the Barracuda fenders.
    billschafer58 You are not referring to me right?I have never sold anything to you.You are just asking a question in general?
    Would like to make you aware of this. Would like to make sure others don't get taken by a member that never shipped the part i bought. Would you be the person I contact. Or how do you post a message for all so they don't get taken like I did?
    Pleas let me know
    Thank you
    Bill Schafer
    Do you know someone who could repair and install those quarters to your satisfaction and finish the tub? I have/or think I have,the sb bellhouse and cover,0-balance flywheel and clutch,shifter and rods,a 3.55 chunk,probably a suregrip too,spring perches,tips,seat frames from a 71 demon(no skins, old foams), and probably aircleaners.These parts are however currently in storage and snowbound.Lots of other stuff.
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