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  • Nuthin' better than a spare Grille...you can always Flip it. Just did an extra pair for one of my 67 Cuda Guys.
    I dont ask any questions.
    Got a Customer who buys my Grilles online and flips them for double in Japan, China and other Countries.
    I actually have been to Groveland for a Dodge Truck World gtg along a Lake there in town !!!How much are you asking for the motor ?? Do you by chance have the automatic tranny that goes with it (if it was an auto)??
    dont no what it is sorry run good when i took it out an put my 340 in ........ i'm west of orlando in a town called groveland well not even in the town but addy is groveland if your in Melbourne your about 2 hrs from me ..... i took it out cause i have had so many /6s but love my 340 more... the /6 never use much oil but it did use a little when i drove it .. i drove every day for a couple years ... if your intrested here my cell 352 636 0700 ... i work most every weekend my name is tex id rather see some one use it as to set an go to ****
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