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  • I am trying to find out if I can take k frame off 1974 duster & inter change to a 1970 dodge dart swinger or if the disc brakes off the 1974 will inter change to my 1970 dart.
    We will miss you Bruce. RIP buddy, you're in a better place now, where is gas is probably free
    Not really....
    just had to hammer adjusst the tunnel a tad.
    Let me know how it turns out for you.
    If you have any questions call meeafter this week at 478-320-1154.

    Bruce B.
    bruce i read your article"my 72 dart" a few years ago and again the other day good story. i was wondering if you had any fitment issues puttin the 727 behind the 383 in your 72 dart.
    Sure, go for it. I am just learning this site too. I like the threads but I haven't added anything yet. I will.
    Hi mate,

    I'm new on this forum, can i add you as a friend?

    Owner Of
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    Thanks much for the visitor message and its birthday wishes !
    May you keep-on keepin' on :)
    Please remember through all life gives us that we are all human beings and all feel the ups and downs of life's journey. I sincerely pray for you every day and night and know that God has your back through this. I feel so powerless to help you except to type in my heartfelt feelings as I read your posts on these forums. Even though I personally do not know you, you are family to me and countless others out here and we all are pulling for you brother. May the grace of God be with you always and please stay strong and fight this illness. If you need ANYTHING, even just an ear to listen, please do not hesitate to contact me. My cell phone # is 919-229-5692. My family and church are all praying for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.
    Hey, I have a question for you, can you tell me the dementions h/w of the 69-70 GTdart emblem on the quarter panel. I found a place on ebay that sells a repop emblem, and I would like to know if there correct size. Thanks Herschel.
    Hello, I have a 1970 Dodge Swinger 340, and I recently purchased a keyswitch from a auto store, I then installed the switch into the car and put the key in the switch and now the key will not come out. It is a 4 speed car and I would like to know is there a difference between a automatic key switch and a 4 speed key switch?

    Thanks for any help that I can receive.
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