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    Eagle Crank, should I buy it?

    4340 is a forged crank
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    MaxJax M6K $899.95 iBaggyo

    Man that is a nice Duster your shop isn't to shabby either
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    Too much cancer?

    It is really really hard to look at a nice car this could have been if someone would have sold to a person who would have not let it ROT BECAUSE I'M EVENTUALLY GOING TO FIX IT 1 FUCKING DAY it is just a shame how many sit in groves and just rot or are forgotten about because of a personal...
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    1979 360 2bbl truck motor

    Hi what is a fair price it is a 1979 360 2bbl carb to pan turns over out of a 1979 d150 pickup thank you
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    [FOR SALE] A variety of parts, mostly from a Dart Sport

    Do you have any apillar trim I have the same color as your door interior
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    When you loosen the cover put the transmission in reverse then put the cover down and tighten it
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    Mission Impossible 318

    I am really hurt now by my liking of something interesting lol just kidding some people like lipstick on a PIG lol
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    Mission Impossible 318

    This will be great to watch
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    [FOR SALE] 1973 340 Dart

    What's up with the tail light bezels there different
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    Pitman arm

    Look online for new old stock I found mine on ebay
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    How to remove por15 from your skin

    Wearing gloves is a must but it's the splatter and overspray on the face lol
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    How to remove por15 from your skin

    I would sure give it a try but I have no personal experience with great stuff