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  • Very interested in those leaf springs you have for sale, but it's too long a drive to get them. UPS will ship them without being packed up. They tape a label to them and off they go. If you could ship I'd like a shipping quote to zip code 18512 and preferred payment method.
    Hey Adam, I'm sure you're getting your fair share of complaints about me on the site, since I truly try to get others to do, at least a small, deep dive into the issues we're discussing. However, I notice that some do have thin skin.

    I do not in any way want to be a 'hassle' for you guys for the site, and I've always tried to be polite, but challenging, in political debate. With that said, if you guys think I'm over stepping, or out of line, let me know and I'll correct it.

    Kudos to you guys for requiring participants (in a political forum, no less) to not take things personal... I really enjoy the site. Pls pass along to Joey too. I'd PM him, but he never answes 'em, so thanks again.

    Member SRCNJ Paid $85.00 for a complete marker light set for a 70 71 Duster I had listed. I recieved payment with no shipping address. His E-mail does not work nor his Private message. So I do not have a confirmed adrress to send the Markers to him. Is there anyway you could contact him and let him know I need a shipping address. My email should be listed it is the same as my paypal. I already put a post on the thread and let him know but I didn't get a reply. Thanks Steve
    I can't post pictures, they upload and when you go to attach it wants to upload again.
    Adam I edited this post myself not a moderator. I was answering yellowdartdave who made it personal. What I feel about this site allowing pets to be giving away free is questionable . I only stated the truth . And tried to get OP to reconcider .

    What demonseed stated was a lie about a moderator editing my post and typing in "your opinion", I did that , I edited it myself. He also refered to me as "Oldman" and quoted it. and stated I should cry him a river. Is this who is watching your site. Asked what I said , he couldn't tell me. I then became an "Oldman" he had to edit ,scold, and made cry. . My concern was for the dog. I didn't care if the OP felt bad . That was my point, get the dog placed Via a Animal Organization. Reconcider what he was doing ?
    Check this thread / PMs from Demonseed. Was I wrong ? May I give animals away on here now? Would The SPCA approve? This is my Job Its what I do, don't critisize me for doing it. Steve,

    Animal Sanctuary of Hauffsville Pa.
    Hi AdamR.. maybe you can help... a friend of mine fstfish66 was tellimh me about a member on the site... that has a 318 with a blower... from what Donny told me he has been running it for about 100,000 miles... is there any way you can let him know i would like to chat with him about the blower motor.. or get his screen name to me.. and i'll write him.. i am building a 318 blower motor and like most i don't know a lot about doing it... any help would be nice

    Adam, Why was the thread I posted (advantages of a side exhaust) removed? Should it have gone to the joke section. Or does a staff member have a side exhaust. I saw nothing wrong with it. Some on here post alot worse comments on their oppinion on things. I hate side exhaust's on any car . I have seen many put alot worse on this site and it is left on. Who did I offend?
    Hello to all MOPARS,

    I am confused!!!

    I was asking a question about 3 speed manual tranny and got this.

    Who is AdamR and maybe someone can tell me how to use this site.
    I was hoping that posting what you call a thread was the same thing as asking what we in English call asking a question. I now am trying to figure out whether or not I got an answer to my "Question" and if so how do I find the "Answer".

    Sorry the newest car I own is 1972 Duster, that should explain my lack of computer skills or knowledge. Just trying to get with the program Ya'll.

    Hello Adam,
    I see you looked at my very limited page, sad I know-lol. I am strictly getting on your site to make a VERY important announcement and was hoping you could help me. I have very limited website/electronic skills, but wanted to make an announcement to be heard asap by the Mopar Family. MONSTER MOPAR (previously at Gateway in the St. Louis area, which has gone belly up) has been scheduled in INDIANAPOLIS, IN (as of today) for 9/23-9/25!! I live here in Indy and am extra excited, as I have traveled for most of the last 10years to Monster and just wanted everyone to know the exciting news. There is still a lot of planning to happen, which hotels, etc. but please pass the dates onto Our Mopar Family so we can have strong attendance rates and as much fun as possible!! Thanks, Stephanie
    Adam,our newest member beeds to be shown the exit door.Give him a kick in the *** on the way out.
    Adam, can you steer a member in the right direction to rejoining us. He hasn't been on in a couple years and has forgotten his user ID and password. Can you advise me on what steps he needs to take to get back on and join in. He has the same email address as when he signed up, so I believe that he wouldn't be able to just create a new id. Thanks for any info you can provide, Geof
    Good evening Adam,

    I'm not sure if you are who I'm suppose to contact when having a site problem but here goes...
    I cannot seem to leave feedback for a member here I bought a Carb from. There was not really an add but we struck a deal from a post in thread
    I would really like to add very positive feedback but cannot as I receive the message "The deal URL is invalid!"
    Is this a feedback page error or does the link have to be from the classified ads?

    If you are not the person to ask this could you let me know who is please?

    Thank you kindly
    Adam, What are you up to these days? Did you get another car . The last I heard you had a mustang. The Dart is pretty much done and I bought a 70 Cuda Convertible. It needs everything Major rust but I'm up for the challenge. Is Kevin still in business? Hope to hear from you.

    I a having issues with a person on this forum and I would like to ask you for help in the best way to reslove the issue. I sold this person parts and he has recieved them and has not sent payment or responded to any pm's. I know this is not an admin's issue but I know he has logged in to FABO and surely read his pm's looking for payment. Have you dealt with this problem before? And what was the best resolve?
    Thank you
    Jason Lawder
    Hi just wondering if it is possible to change my name to something different?? great site

    Hi guy . . . I'm having difficulty getting my profile pic to show. It disappeared when you guys were having problems with the site a few weeks back. I've tried to upload the same pic a number of times and it states upload failed. Its the smaller size (150 x 113, 10.2 kb). I can't get it to take it. Help!! Thanks, Rog
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