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  • Hi addrev8
    I just love the Brazilian chargers, I have 2 of the Australian version called a Mexicana it has the same wings as your, which was a roof option in 1971 with a VG valiant front. I would love to source a front clip of one of your cars though. Was wondering if you could forward some close up photos of the front should you have any

    Thanks Mexi
    Hi Addrev8,

    I have been interested in Brazilian Mopars for a while. Was wondering if you have any pics or contact of chargers in brazil. Would like to make a clone here in the states if at all possible. Any help would be appreciated.


    .5 camber will be fine.

    Anything under 5-6 degrees postive caster will not hurt or wear anything.
    You can run as much as you can get up for 5-6 degrees depends on how much camber you use. 3-4 degrees is fine too. You can just cut the rear poly bushing and sleeve down 3/16". I would not worry about the adjustble strut rod just to go from 3 deg to 5 degrees caster.

    How to cut the rear strut bushing here:
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