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  • Hey just saw your kit on here and was wondering if it would fit a 66 Valiant wagon. I'm actually looking to put air ride on it but I couldn't find anyway to use the torsion bar set up I currently have. Since air ride needs this kind of set up I think your kit would be perfect for what I'm trying to do. Would like to hear your feedback! Thanks-Zach
    Badart, working on 70 dart swinger, fronts converted to discs and would like pricing on your control arms. Thanks in advance.
    Hi John, Hopefully you can help me out..... I have a 63 Dart and would love to buy your coil over conversion kit, uppers and lowers. Please contact me with any info.
    Hey John,
    Tried to send you a PM but said your box is full...

    Wanted to know if your still selling your J bars, and core supports.
    I would like to get some for my current build.

    Please let me know and send me a PM, if you get this. Thanks
    Hi John..

    I've sent you e-mails through your website..

    Apparently you're not getting them.

    I was at this years MATS and didn't see you there..
    Looking to get a set of lower control arms.

    Also, do you make anything for front steer yet.??

    I have my steering arms reversed opposite sides with the arms heated and bent.

    Looking for an aftermarket deal for this as I'm needing new lower ball joints.

    Hate to buy new ones and heat & bend again..

    Thanks, Chris..
    John this is Mike from Syracuse UT, are you still interested in doing some work for me? If not please let me know. Have you reconsidered your original offer?
    Thanks, Mike
    hello. i'm looking into the coil over conversion. haven't decided on building a new tubular k-member or using the stock. however i do plan to convert from power steering to manual rack. one of the members here have done a manual rack conversion by mounting the rack in the sway bar location and swapping the spindles side to side. i quess my question is would i be able to do a manual rack similar to that members swap using your coil over conversion. p.s. its a 72 duster with 73 up bbp disc brakes. thanks for your time.
    John this is Mike with the green 1970 Dart, I live in Syracuse do you guys do install, I don't currently have any fabrication capabilities, where I live. Also I'd like to check out your shop/showroom and see the product first hand. Just let me know. Thank you, Mike
    Foot is much better. I should be going back to work on the 7th. Utah State just beat UNLV so I am happy.
    hey there saw your rear suspension on your dart and i really like it....im building my 69 and was wondering how can i achieve that set up thanks a bunch
    I recently saw your post on E body lower radiator supports. I would be interested in purchasing one of these if you begin to produce them.

    Thanks, steve
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