Not good at this, but here goes. We're a married couple, 23+/- years. Did all the normal stuff kids dogs cars and vacations. Screw vacations, let's go back to cars, no, Mopars...yeah, reality is there will always be vacations, MOPARS, gotta get one and keep it this time. Had not planned this far ahead and our house no garage. Yeah, I'm not jealous of the guy with 5 Mopars in his garage, the 5, no, no no no, I'm jealous of the garage-I've got a Dodge!!!! Might have a touch of ADHD editor (wife) is asleep & spell checker took over. Want to know anything feel free to ask!
My first Mopar was a i think-54?-Belvedere 4 dr 3 on the tree and a old v-8 called a stock hemi. $25, needed a battery sold to a neighbor when I went in Corps. Once drove a 64 Rambler Classic 4 dr 199 6, I upgraded it to a Mopar 383 when the clutch started slipping, was happy, had a real Classic/also served as portable studio apartment. Was the proud owner of 1966 Caddy Sedan DeVille, 505 cu in, and as color goes it was Turquoise and Chrome, a true one of a kind, all stock original and I was seriously looking at doing all kinds of shiny things to it-until I drove it caught fire at the gas pump!!! Better days said my wife wanted a 1988 Chrysler Le Baron convertible, she wanted the Turbo 4. Good call on buying a way extended warranty, 2.99 Turbos later the new Sebring was looking good with 3rd Turbo going the 97 was the choice, followed by the 98 with a steady diet of going to the shop still lives! New top was same price as a decent used but we have lived through ALL the R&R's and hand controls are a must, so it stays and we drop the top every time it stops raining-some call it summer, we call it a few days of no rain. Many other vehicles have come and gone. I drove a 78 Merc wagon for a year and a half while we paid off the house-I bought it for $ 25 it had a "slightly leaky" head gasket-saw dust and aluminum dust fixed it good enough to go to work in...especially when it took forever to get a turbo out of ?/Chrysler and whoever the were getting pimped out by at the warranty work as much as an abscessed tooth.
If I had all the money I have spent on mistakes-cars, women, u-turns and "businesses ventures" that might really rock, I could of retired at 40 instead of 50, and would of done it in style with a bigger smile, of a truth.
Aug 20, 1957 (Age: 66)
Vancouver Washington
Retired, but not really tired.


" don't really hurt 'till the bone shows..."