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    [FOR SALE] MP Books, Degree wheel

    For Sale Mopar Performance Chassis P5007160 $25 Mopar Performance Magnum Engine P5007610 $25 Degree wheel P4452990 $30 Additional shipping from 07717
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    [FOR SALE] 70 Duster wiper linkage

    For Sale Wiper linkage removed from a 70 Duster. Purchased here on the forum and never used. Media blasted. $40 + shipping from 07717
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    [SOLD] 1971 Plymouth Duster NJ

    Thanks to the folks here. Sold
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    [FOR SALE] GTA1V Liberty City License Plate

    up for sale a fake, funny plate from a video game. 1 in packaging $20 shipped obo
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    [SOLD] Manual Steering coupler kit

    Steering coupler kit for a Manual Steering Dodge Plymouth. This product is new. $25 + shipping from 07717 Will entertain offers for this, an auto A Body column, coupler and manual box. 1971 Duster parts car on the Forum.
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    [SOLD] 70-72 Duster grilles and bezels

    Argent grille is clean with one repair needed. Complete with marker bezels, emblem and trim. No missing parts. $100 + shipping from 07717 Black grill is from my 71 Duster. In great shape. Complete with marker bezels and lens'. $125 + shipping from 07717 Grill trim $25 + shipping from 07717...
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    [SOLD] 1970 Dodge Dart Glove Box door and bezels

    For Dodge Dart Really not sure of the year. Needs restoration or reconditioning. No cracks or damage. Everything pictured $100 + shipping from 07717
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    [SOLD] AM Radio 71 Duster and bezel

    One AM radio from 71 Duster with bezel. Radio works. Bracket and trim bezel included. $50 + shipping from 07717
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    [SOLD] 70 Duster rear seat and more

    Parts from a 1970-1971 Duster Rear seat Black, in great shape. Have not cleaned them, just stored. Some surface rust on frame. Nothing broken or missing. $80 + shipping from 07717 Rear panels Mint condition $50 + shipping from 07717 1971 Duster trim pieces These are in fair condition. $40 +...
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    [SOLD] A Body 67-72 Firewall Gasket Set

    New in packaging. A Body Mopar Non A/C Firewall Gasket Set AXX6772FW01 qty.1 $25 + shipping from 07717
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    [SOLD] Mopar Body Plug Kit

    Mopar Authentic Restoration Product A Body body plug kit 1970-1974 BPK6 qty.1 $30 + shipping from 07717