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  • Hi this is Bob about the oil pan stuff the one i have on it now has the dipstick plumbed literally into the sump of the pan I was wandering if there was a model that has a passage inside the pan that allows block entry
    Thanks Bob
    Hey Mark,
    Just talked to your dad. Was telling him I wanted a radiator for my 74 dart with the fan shroud. I have the small radiator now but I would rather have the bigger one. So check on that and the shroud and let me know.

    Also looking for a 74 Valiant passenger rear tail light bezel in extra good condition.
    Hi Mark - I sent you a PM yesterday, but not sure it went. Anyway, still looking for pair of bucket seats for my 67 Dart. Can you help? Let me know.


    Still looking for a driver's LCA with sway bar tab for 67-72 A Body. Do you still have yours and are you willing to split them up?
    It would be best if we're sure what you need. Get the number off yourold switch and I'll check my supply for a match.
    Thanks, Mark
    Do you still have that timing cover? I think yours will fit a 318. I need one with the timing marks on the pass. side 'cause I have power steering and my water pump and radiator both exit drivers side so I can't see mine! Let me know. Mike
    Passenger rear tail light lens,both if available. Can't load upper door trim pic from phone but they are the plastic pieces that go above the inner door panels next to windows. Also, the front plastic pillar pieces Black color is preferred. Thanks 74 2dr dart
    It's been a while but I would still really like to buy that speedo off you if you still have it! I accidentally deleted your message you sent me, so if you still have it, I can send you payment if you send me an address or paypal name. Thanks -Kory
    Hey Mark, I sent you a PM, I need an early A tranny crossmember (scewed mine up doing the conversion) Long story. Will you ship it to L6H 5Y4 (toronto area).
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